is the Recommended
Setup and Configuration
Tool for the Marauder.

High Performance LTR Trunking with Interconnect

Airtime Logging
Single period airtime logging for all 5000 ID codes.

Audio Companding
Audio companding is provided and may be enabled or disabled on a per ID code basis.

Call Progress Tones
Unique tones provided to mark call progress for landline and mobile interconnect calls.

38 EIA subaudible CTCSS tones and up to 20 user-selectable DCS codes per channel.

Custom Programming
Special features allow the individual activation of the Repeater Disable and LTR® Idle message updates. The functions may be activated per channel on a time selectable basis.

Morse code identifier supported with programmable separate Call Sign on a per channel basis.

Dial Click Decode/Pulse Dialing

Reliable telephone interconnect service where DTMF may not be available.

Drop Timer

When operated in the conventional mode, the drop timer will hold the transmitter keyed up and busy out the LTR bus but will not encode a tone or DCS code. After the drop timer expires the channel will become idle.

Easy Interface
Test switch provided for tuning and alignment. All level adjustments, test points, and dip switches are readily accessible on rear panel. Separate data input and output inversion switches for DCS and LTR. Separate data level settings for LTR data and CTCSS/DCS.

Half or Full Duplex Operation
System supports half or full duplex mobile operations.

ID Code Validation
Provides complete validation for an entire trunking system up to 20 channels.

Dispatch Networking
Optional Dispatch Networking feature allows users to network with any of up to 64 sites through the use of DTMF commands.

Fade Timer
User programmable fade timer allows the channel to remain active should there be a momentary loss of LTR data during decode at the repeater site.

Hang Timer
User adjustable timer, in conventional mode, keeps the repeater transmitter keyed up while continuing to output the decoded CTCSS tone or DCS code.

Interconnect Activity Timer
Interconnect mobile activity call reminder and termination tones (90 seconds).

Interconnect Rings
Variable number of interconnect rings to mobile from 1 to 20.

Interconnect Timer
Interconnect Conversation Timer variable from 1 to 90 minutes.

Multiple Interconnect Levels
Programmable interconnect levels by ID code to provide local only or full access to phone lines.

Repeater Disable
Trident’s exclusive Repeater Disable Function helps to protect co-channel users from interference by “locking-out” the affected channel during the time it is being used by another repeater or system.

Smart Repeater Disable
Allows system operators to monitor co-channel traffic for CTCSS tones or designated DCS codes.

System Management
Password protected modem support for downloading of airtime storage and upload/download of system configuration.

2 Wire or 4 Wire Interface
Telephone interconnect supports standard 2 wire loop start and 4 wire E/M connections.