Web-based GPS/AVL Fleet Management Application

TrAVL PRO is the big brother to TrAVL MAX, providing all the features of TrAVL MAX and a whole lot more. TrAVL PRO provides MOTOTRBO™ and PassPort NTS system operators with an intuitive set of interactive fleet and fixed asset management tools. TrAVL PRO allows communication with an unlimited number of subscribers. Multiple TrAVL PRO installations have secure access to a single MOTOTRBO™ system while maintaining fleet viewing privacy. Nobody sees your fleet, but you. This makes it possible for fleet management to be maintained by several departments within a large organization and by multiple customers all on the same system.
is the Recommended
Setup and Configuration
Tool for the TD-10 GPS
& Telemetry Data Module.


TrAVL PRO iPad App

TrAVL PRO Mobile allows you to take TrAVL PRO anywhere, providing users with the same great functionality as TrAVL PRO, in a portable version. Track your fleet from anywhere in the world that an internet connection is available. TrAVL PRO Mobile is easy to use, efficient, and doesn’t sacrifice the features needed for a professional fleet management application on the go.